Affordable Caribbean Catering Service For Your Special Events

We are one of the most reliable, popular and efficient event Caterer in Surrey. There is hardly any occasion for which we cannot serve you foods. Being a local mobile catering service provider, we have to understand the taste of the local people and try to offer them something new and fresh so that they cannot hesitate to repeat us.

On the other hand, we never compromise with the authenticity of the pure Caribbean cuisines so that each dish of our food van can have that original flavour, colour and taste of Caribbean. We use fresh ingredients and pure spices so that you can feel that these foods are straight brought to you from the land of the Caribbean.

Neishe Kitchen

Neishe Kitchen Is For Every Occasion

Neishe Kitchen

From wedding to corporate lunch and from street-food events to birthday parties – Our mobile van catering can be anywhere; everywhere.

No matter whether you want to hire a mobile wedding catering or love to have a street food mobile van for your daughter’s birthday party full of Jamaican food; Neishe Kitchen is the right place to call. Be it breakfast, lunch or dinner; we serve everything. Not only that, but we are also available for drinks and snacks in BBQ parties or in Canapé receptions as per your needs.

The bottom line is whenever you wish to hire a company that provides the service of catering near you for your event; you can give us a call or send us an email.

Neishe Kitchen